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Social Distance Warriors

I'm very excited to be appearing on online show Social Distance Warriors which will be live streamed on YouTube tomorrow, Thursday the 10th of September, Here:

For more details, scroll down!

This week we'll be catching up with: ANNA THOMAS The kind of performer who juggles joyful whimsy with a healthy level of disdain for the world, Anna Thomas will be letting us know exactly what she thinks of existence right now.

EMMA HARLEY A woman of many talents, Emma Harley directs, acts, writes, stage manages, sings, dances, produces, and makes a pretty good vegan lasagne. We'll be chatting to her about the variety of theatre projects about feminism, social justice, and bisexuality she's been working on and probably also that lasagne.

TRIPLE SUNDAE London based punk band Triple Sundae released their latest EP as recently as June and it slaps. We are really excited this show to be chatting to Zandro and listening to a solo performance from Hass.

--- Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss the show: --- Our show is of course free to watch, but we will accept contributions that will go directly to our acts to support them while they can't perform live. Donate here: --- Shoutout to our producer Sam, without whom this would be a considerably messier affair. Follow her here:

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