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"Angela" by Mark Ravenhill

I assistant directed the world debut of Mark Ravenhill's Angela which played on the Lyceum Sound Stage in association with the Pitlochry Festival Theatre and Naked Productions.

An autobiographical play about Mark's mother, the play explores Angela Ravenhill's battle with dementia.

It will be played on BBC Radio 3 at 7.30pm on Sunday the 16th of May for anyone who missed out!


Julie, Nurse 1 and Plummy Woman - Nadia Albina Doctor Adetiba, and Director - Dermot Daly Angela - Pam Ferris Doctor Mansoor and Plummy Man - Raj Ghatak Young Angela - Matti Houghton The Fox and Doctor Carter - Olivier Huband Ted - Toby Jones Young Mark - Jackson Laing Angela’s mum, Ballet teacher, Nurse 2 and Ivy - Alexandra Mathie Mark - Joseph Millson The Social Worker, Ballet woman and Nurse 3 - Kirsty Stuart


Writer - Mark Ravenhill Director - Polly Thomas Assistant Director - Emma Lynne Harley. Composer - Alexandra Faye Braithwaite Sound Design - John Scott Sound Recordist - Louis Blatherwick

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